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American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control  
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The Awareness of the Secondary School Students on the Importance of Communication System in Osun State, Nigeria
American Journal of Computation, Communication and Control
Vol.5 , No. 3, Publication Date: Aug. 3, 2018, Page: 88-100
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Prince Awojoodu Soji, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Oduduwa University, Osun State, Nigeria.


4,800 open questionnaires were distributed to 4 Local governments, namely; (Ife East, Ife South, Ife Central and Ife North), local government areas, in Ile – Ife Kingdom of Osun State, Nigeria. Out of which 1,200 each was used in each local government. A total of forty-eight secondary schools were visited and sampled, out of which 100 students, both males and females were chosen from (JSS I, JSS II, SS I, SSII, and SS III) respectively. It was gathered that above 75% of the secondary school students supported, that communication system was very important in Osun State, while less than 25% of the secondary school students, could not even understand whether communication system has any importance or not. The results from the questionnaires when using Pearson two-tailed correlation coefficient however revealed that there was no significant difference from all the secondary school students visited and sampled, (p< 0.01) and (p< 0.05) table 6. This shows a strong positive correlation, which implying that, communication system is strongly influenced and enhanced the students support in Osun State, and therefore has made the research work to become a reality,(p< 0.01) and (p< 0.05) table 6. The reasons may be due to the fact that in our secondary schools level and beyond, the communication system enables the successful transmission of idea by using text messages through a device, pointing and using hands, facial expression among students to students, adults to adults, or any other important information among individuals to individuals, variety of facilities making process to communicate with each other or talk to each other, alerting a process to the occurrence of some events, workers to workers, business to business (B2B), business to customers (B2C), etc. possible. Pie chart was used in this study, to depict the summary data analysis of each of the local government areas sampled in Ile – Ife Kingdom, of Osun State Nigeria.


4 Local Governments, Osun State, Secondary School Students, Pearson Correlation


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